DIY Cardboard Star Wars X-Wing Fighter

Here’s a fun cardboard creation for your¬†Star Wars loving kids OR I’m sure it can be scaled up for adults, too ūüôā


Only 3 items needed to make this sweet spacecraft:

  • Cardboard
  • Tape
  • Shoe String


A closeup of how the wings are attached.


View from the back. Note, the strings on the back are attached to the wings to help them stay up. May work better if attached to¬†the middle of the wing. You’ll have to test and redesign as needed.


This little pilot is ready for battle.


Hope this inspires you to make something from nothing, PLAY more and CREATE more!


DIY Star Wars AT-AT

Our son loves Star Wars and he wanted a SIxTH (6th) birthday party. We had everything planned from Empire decorations, DeathStar inflatables, hanging Tie Fighters to a guest appearance from the Sith Lord himself, Darth Vader. But we wanted a memorable centerpiece ¬†for the party. So we set out to make a giant AT-AT head to add to our existing gray treehouse. The build was fun and it was awesome seeing our son’s face as well as the guests’ amazement walking into our yard seeing this giant AT-AT greeting you. All that was missing was a circling snow speeder.

See it come together from start to finish…

Cardboard Rocketship


Just to come clean, I actually had no part in making this. It was all my husband, but it is so awesome I had to share it with the world.

About an hour before my husband leaves for a business trip he decides to start building the kids this rocketship. I thought… that’s a pretty big undertaking. Apparently, not for him.

In well under an hour he finished this giant structure that the kids could climb inside, look out a window and take an adventure to outer space. What blows my mind is the shear genius idea to incorporate the kids toy screws from this Melissa and Doug tool box so they could take it apart and reassemble it themselves. Things like this are why I love this man. So thoughtful and creative.

Hope this inspires you to make something fun for your kiddos this summer!