DIY Wooden Photo Ornament

Each holiday we have two important traditions:

1. Make ornaments for our tree.
2. Add an ornament with our family photo.

This year I combined the two and made a wooden photo ornament that we LOVE. I’m so thrilled with how it turned out especially since I ordered one last year and was disappointed by it. The photo was printed directly on the block making the details faded and hard to see.

This project is easy, inexpensive and makes for great gifts! Here’s the breakdown of how to make one for yourself:

Video Tutorial:

Detailed Instructions:


  • Wooden block (The one I used is 2inches and purchased from Michaels for $1.50)
  • Screw eyelets (Purchased from Home Depot – $1 for pack of 8)
  • Mod Podge (I had this but you can find it at Michaels or any craft store)
  • Foam Brush (same as above)
  • Ribbon
  • Scrapbook paper and photos cut to size of block

  • Use the foam brush to add a thin layer of Mod Podge to block and add photos/paper one side at a time.
  • Add 1-2 layers of Mod Podge over the photo/paper. Let dry in between each layer.

Drill a small hole in the center of the top.

Screw in the eyelet.

Tie your ribbon.

And … there you have it. A beautiful wooden ornament with clear photos of your loved ones.

Easy peasy, right?! Hope this inspires you to make one or a dozen like I did this year.

For more DIY ornaments check out what we’ve made in years past.

Lottery Balloon Gift

Here’s a fun and creative gift idea for anyone (who is of age to play the lotto, of course)


Simply roll up the lotto and place them inside the balloon before inflating. The person at the store who inflated them said the corners of the lotto may pop the balloon so I cut the corners round on the scratch-off lottery.


Pick some translucent colored balloons so the lotto ticket becomes a visible surprise.


To anchor the balloons I used a gift box I picked up after Valentine’s for $.25, score!


Cover that up with a new sign and voila, you’re good to go.


I liked this shape so I traced and cut it out on tracing paper to make a sign for the goodies inside.


Grab some fun tissue paper and pack your goodies inside. Who doesn’t love mini scones?!

Balloon_Lottery_6 Balloon_Lottery_7 Balloon_Lottery_8

Use a sharpie to write a personal message to whomever this lucky gift is for.


We gave one balloon to each teacher at my son’s school. They loved them and someone even won!

For more ideas on do it yourself gifts, I’ve compiled a bunch here.

Hope this inspires you to be creative and give more.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Some fun ideas on how you can show your appreciation to your kids teachers.


Candy Flowers: Sweet and simple. Check out the tutorial here.


School Supply Cake: Easier and more affordable than you think – just not edible. Checkout the tutorial here.


Succulent Gifts: Checkout the tutorial here.


Chocolate covered strawberries: We gave these to the teachers for Valentine’s but they could easily be given for Teacher Appreciation week, also. See the blog post here.


Lottery Balloon Gift: We gave one balloon to each teacher as an end of the year Thank You gift. See how it’s made here.

School Supply Cake

Here’s a fun and creative way to give some love (and school supplies) to the teachers and school that nurture your kiddos.


Materials used:

  • 1 ream of paper
  • 1 pack of napkins
  • 1 box of tissue
  • Ribbon
  • Tape
  • Stickers – $1
  • 20 pencils – $2
  • 20 markers – $4
  • 6 bottles of bubbles – $2
  • Mini chalkboard sign – $1

Total Cost: $10

There are a ton of different things you can use as the layers and to decorate the “cake” but I tried not to spend too much so I used what I had at home and maximized what I bought by spacing out the markers/pencils.

Here are some simple steps on how to make this bad boy.

  1. Used packing tape to hold the layers together and the bubbles to the tissue box.


2. Wrapped some ribbon around the ream of paper.

3. Used a long piece of scotch tape to space out the markers on opposite sides of the napkins.


4. Used the same technique for the pencils.


5. Wrapped the sticker sheet around the tissue box.


6. Attached 4 pencils to the corners of the tissue box with tape.

7. Write your message on the chalkboard.


There you have it. A sweet gift the teachers cannot eat (Zander told his teachers not to eat this cake).

Hope this inspires you to give a little love to the teachers that mold our children. For more ideas on gifts for Teacher Appreciation checkout this post.

DIY Candy Flowers

Here’s a sweet little alternative to giving fresh flowers. Great for Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation Days, party favors, etc.


Materials used:

  • Sticks (I used disposable chopsticks from past takeout and kabob skewers)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Flower petals (I used a combination of fabric and paper. The fabric flowers came from artificial flowers that I took apart and the paper flower petals came in a pack)
  • Ribbon
  • Felt
  • Jar – Recycled food jar that I removed the label from. For more ideas on what to use old jars for checkout this past post.
  • Paper shreds
  • Mini chalkboard sign – $1 from Target
  • Dove chocolate – $4 (used less than 1/2 a bag

Total cost: Roughly $3 (everything else I already had handy from past projects)

It’s pretty straight forward but here are some simple steps on how to make them:

  1. Cut a felt circle and glue it to the pointy end of the stick.


2. Glue flower petals one at a time.


3. I used the hot glue gun to stick the chocolate on but waited until it cooled a bit so it didn’t melt the chocolate.


4. Tie ribbon and tuck behind flower.


Great to give individually or as a bouquet.


5. Fill your jar with paper shreds (tissue, stones or any other fun filler)


6. Cover the top of the jar with ribbon or string. I hot glued this string on.


Add a message to your chalkboard and you’re done!


Hope this inspires you to make something fun, use what you have, and make someone’s day.

DIY Diaper Clutch


I think diaper clutches are the perfect gift for new parents. Such a convenient, fun and practical way to hold all your essentials for diaper changing. This bag will hold a couple diapers, box of wipes and even diaper cream, keys or other small items.  I used this tutorial as a starting point and made the following additions:

  • A strap for easy carrying while juggling squirmy kids.
  • Rounded corners, double stitch, and label on flap for a more professional and finished look


Sewing bags can be a bit tricky because it requires lots of sewing inside out and flipping so all the seams are hidden, but once you’ve made one the subsequent bags will be a piece of cake.

Hope this inspires you to try a project that’s outside of your comfort zone. Happy sewing!

Recycled Glass Jars

After just a few months of feeding Zoey baby food our house started overflowing with them. I was on a mission to recycle them…somehow. These are some of the ideas I came up with: candles, party favors and candles.



These were all used for my daughters first birthday party.





After the success of recycling baby food jars, I started applying the same habit to larger jars as well. I’ve only filled them with treats but I’m sure they’d be great for baking mixes, salt scrubs, canning fruit, stationary supplies, the possibilities are endless.

recycled_jars_1 recycled_jars_2


Turn your old jars into succulent gifts!



Chocolate Covered Strawberries Gift

Over the weekend we went to the Home Depot workshop where Zander built and painted this sweetheart box. We decided to use it to make something special for his teachers this Valentine’s.


We added a Valentine’s message to his teachers and he signed the back.


I woke up early this morning to make these dark chocolate mint and white chocolate covered strawberries


Could not be more happy with how they turned out!


To make your own bouquet of strawberries simply cut and insert a floral foam block into your pot. Poke your strawberries on a stick into it and your done! Also, I didn’t have any popsicle sticks so I used disposable chopsticks and they worked perfectly, better than popsicle sticks in my opinion (and they were free because I had a ton laying around from past take out.)

Hope this inspires you to make something special for someone this Valentine’s!

Tag Blankie Tutorial


Who knew tags could be so fascinating? Zander loved tags as a baby. Whatever toy/blanket we gave him, he eventually found his way to the tag, especially the silky ones. With this new found knowledge and Zoey in my belly, I decided to make her her very own tag blankie she could carry with her everywhere. I used ultra soft minky material for both sides and looped the ribbon/tags so it could easily be attached to a car seat/exersaucer/etc. with a ring. It’s perfect for playing or just plain snuggling.

Here’s a look into how I made it:


  • Cut front and back pieces of fabric 12×12
  • Cut 16 (15 if you’re using your label as a tag) pieces of ribbon, 4.5 inches long
  • Sandwich right sides of fabric together with ribbons folded in half in between the two pieces of fabric
  • Pin everything in place


  • Sew around entire blankie and leave an opening at least 2-3 inches for turning


  • Cut excess ribbon to minimize bulk


  • Add a top stitch around entire blankie, including the opening left for turning.

There you have it. A fun little toy/snuggly blanket for your baby to go crazy with their fascination with tags.

If you make your own, I’d love to see/hear how it turned it!