I like BIG BOOKS and I cannot lie

Zander loves books, there’s no denying it.  Every few weeks, we come home from the library with 20+ books he’s just itching to read. His current bag works great, except it doesn’t have a pocket for his library card.  And so the mission began…create a library bag for Z’s Stache of books, complete with a pocket for his library card so it’ll never get lost again.

I roughly followed this tutorial for the bag and this tutorial for the pocket. They worked out perfectly together.  Best of all, this bag is reversible, too! Might come in handy if we ever get tired of looking at Fu Manchu’s mustache.

Hope this inspires all you book worms to make a bag of your own.

Here’s a photo of the little munchkin and his big bag.

Leather – 5 Ways

It all started with a piece of scrap leather. Super soft, white, and beautiful. My mission was to make as many things with this 1 piece of leather as I could. This is what I came up with:

To do this yourself:

1. Elbow pads:
– Wear your sweater on, mark where the center of your elbow is (don’t guess and sew it crooked like I did the first time around)
– Cut leather into desired size
– Stitch your patches on. I used about 4 strands of thread for a thick stitch.

2. Earrings:
– Draw outline of leaves onto leather
– Cut the leaves out
– Cut slits into leaves
– Attach to your desired earring chain

3. Magic Braid Bracelet:
– I found this pretty tricky. I couldn’t follow any of the written tutorials, but this video was straight forward and easy to follow. I braided all the way until the very end without backwards braiding (that part was a bit confusing).
– There’s a download for a printable template here.

4. Bow Bracelet:
– I followed this tutorial and it was super easy.

5. Shredded Bracelet:
– Make a paper template first.
– Measure your wrist. Cut a rectangle with rounded corners about an inch or 2 longer than your wrist, depending on how you want it to fit.
– Leaving 1 inch on each end, cut strips down the length of the bracelet with a knife and ruler.

Adding Buttons to Bracelets:
– Most leather bracelets typically close with metal snaps but I didn’t have any so I improvised with buttons. I actually prefer the look of buttons now. It’s an opportunity to add color and character.
– Hand sew button in desired location.
– Cut a small slit on opposite side of bracelet for button hole. I kept my slits pretty small and stretched the leather over it for a snug fit.

I actually have lots of leather left to do a few more small projects or one large project – still on the fence. Stay tuned for more leather creations.