Our Halloween Costumes were featured on…

We are honored and totally stoked for our Halloween costumes to be featured on…

MSN – 15 Best Family Halloween Costumes

Huffington Post – 59 Family Halloween Costumes that are Clever, Cool and Extra Cute

We were interviewed from The Penny Hoarder for this article: 6 Costume Contests with Cash Prizes

Last year, our Games costumes won 2nd place for this contest on Costume Works.

Making Halloween costumes each year has become such a fun tradition for us – we love it! So happy to be sharing this love of creating with you all.


DIY Star Wars Costumes


We had the opportunity to go to Comic-con this year and of course, we had to make our Star Wars cosplay for it! We’ll try to write instructions on how we made these costumes as best as possible as we didn’t document the process by photos.


Ewok Hood:

  • Cut hood and ear pieces. Pin and sew together.
  • Cut face opening – raw fabric edges make a nice touch for this costume
  • Hand stitch black embroidery thread to front of hood

Ewok Staff:

  • We had this bamboo stick
  • Covered one end with duct tape and hot glued twine around it
  • Blade is made from an old foam floor mat



Princess Leia Dress:

  • Sewed her dress (using an existing shirt as a template)
  • Added elastic gold trim around waist

Hair Buns:

  • Cover a basic plastic headband with brown felt
  • To start the buns, cut some circular cardboard pieces and glue them to the sides of the headband
  • Using brown yarn, make 2 very long braids.
  • Hot glue one end of braid to the center of the circular cardboard. Gradually glue and wrap around until you’ve reached the outer edge of the cardboard.






Luke Skywalker Costume:

Shirt is a large rectangle, folded in half with slits cut in the sides to insert a belt.

Green part that covers hat is foam covered with duct tape.



R2D2 Costume:


Used a basic white tank top.

Sew a strip/tube of blue fabric (I used part of an old shirt) to skirt as follows.


Attach the other end of the blue fabric to the tank top.


This is how it looks when sewing is complete.


Added a pocket in the back to hold my phone and wallet!


The details are made from fabric cut and glued to outfit. Also used permanent marker to draw in black lines.

We made 2 different head pieces. The larger one was made from a large plastic bowl. Thought it might be hard to walk around Comic-con with this so we made the smaller one from an old baseball cap. Used a headlight and draped fabric over it. Then glued on the additional blue/red pieces of fabric.


“Obi-Wan, you’re my only hope.”

Hope this helps and inspires you to make some fun Star Wars costumes for you and your littles.

Planning a Star Wars Party? Check out this post for some fun ideas.




See the video on how we made this giant AT AT head from start to finish:


Star Wars Party Ideas for Boys + Girls

This year BOTH of our kids wanted Star Wars birthday parties. Here are some ideas on how we made it happen for them…


We made the Ewok hood and staff for Zander. He wore his Chewbacca jammies with it, which worked perfectly.


We made Zoey’s Princess Leia dress and hair buns and painted her water gun blaster black.



Made these simple light saber napkins using a printable found online.


Created some signs for food/utensils.


Found some hexagon crackers to use for Tie Fighters. Used cream cheese to ‘glue’ it all together.






Made these cupcake toppers square because they are much easier to cut than circular ones!


For Zoey, we made Princess Leia cupcakes. These were incredibly easy to make!


  1. Frost entire cupcake with white frosting
  2. Create hair using chocolate frosting. I put some in a ziplock bag, cut a small hole in the corner and squeezed the frosting out of the hole.
  3. Eyes are mini chocolate chips
  4. Mouth is heart shaped sprinkles
  5. To add Oreo hair buns, insert a toothpick into the center of the cookie, then insert the opposite side of the toothpick into the cupcake.


For Zander, we made made light saber cupcakes. Again, easy and self explanatory.


Hung up some Death Star beach balls and toy Tie Fighters for decor.



Made a giant AT AT head out of cardboard. When attached to our grey play structure it looks like a giant AT AT in our backyard! Check out the video on how it was made.


Darth Vader made a special appearance and had some fun of his own.

star_wars_party_16 star_wars_party_15 star_wars_party_14


We had the fun opportunity to go to Comic-Con this year and these were our cosplay costumes. Check out the tutorials.


Check out our YouTube page to see this AT AT head being made from start to finish.



Made this cardboard X-Wing fighter for Zander, also. See the post here.

Girly_SW_Shirts Girly_SW_Shirts_2

Converted some boys Star Wars shirts to girls for Zoey. See how to make them here.

Hope this gave you some great ideas for you Star Wars party. Would love you hear from you and see your own creations!

Halloween 2016 – Space

This year our son’s school requested for peaceful costumes of someone from history that made a difference in our lives. Mission: our costumes had to revolve around him being an astronaut. Lo and behold our Space Themed costumes this year!



The most hilarious costume of the bunch. See the full tutorial on how we made this moon.


The most realistic costume of the bunch. See the full tutorial on how we made this astronaut illusion costume.


The cutest costume of the bunch. See the full tutorial on how we made this space shuttle costume.


The easy and artful costume of the bunch. See the full tutorial on how we made this big dipper constellation.

Hope this inspires you to make something and create lasting memories for you family.

DIY Space Shuttle Costume

This little space shuttle is ready for lift off.


Again, we couldn’t find many good tutorials on how to make a wearable space shuttle so we’re glad to be offering this to you all.

We completely forgot to take early photos of the construction but we’ll try to explain as best we can.


Find a good sized box (we happen to have this cranberry juice box from a trip to Costco). Cut an opening (toward the front of the box) large enough for child to fit through. Bottom of box is open. Cut and add cardboard for front and wings. We used packing tape but use duct tape if you can, it’s stronger. Two engine compartments in the back are made with card stock paper.

space_shuttle_costume_2 space_shuttle_costume_3 space_shuttle_costume_4

To bend the cardboard in the front, first score the cardboard.


Wrapped everything in lightweight white fabric using hot glue.


Cut slits in cups. Use pipe cleaners and straws to hold them in place.

space_shuttle_costume_7 space_shuttle_costume_8

Hot glue some red, yellow or orange tissue paper inside cups.


Cover two toilet paper rolls with black duct tape and glue inside engine compartments. Full disclaimer, I think space shuttles only have 3 engines so this may not be accurate.

space_shuttle_costume_11 space_shuttle_costume_12

We didn’t think our 3yr old would keep straps on well so we made a little tank she could easily wear and keep on.


Added windows and details around wings with black felt. Hand drew the lines using black marker. Printed and glued space shuttle logos to make it look legit.


Off she goes. The most adorable space shuttle astronaut ever.


Time and cost breakdown:

This costume took about 8hrs to make and $5 was spent on materials (cups $1, tissue paper $1 and white fabric $3).

Hope this inspires you to make something you and your kiddos will love.

This costume was 1 of 4 space themed costumes we made for our family this year.


Check out tutorials for the moon, astronaut and big dipper constellation costumes.